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I am Bastian

An award-winning, creative brand and business strategist and human-centred design practitioner.


I believe in the power of empathy, reason and creativity to design bright futures for people and brands.

You can find me where brand and business strategy intersect with customer experience, innovation and culture.

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I believe in


to design bright futures for people and brands.


To understand the human experience and peoples current and desired emotions and actions.


To draw the right conclusions from deep analysis and human insight to drive better decision making.


To design the human experience by translating empathy and reason into new solutions.





the human experience*


the human experience

*what people feel, see, say, do

Walk your brand talk.


Together, we turn your brand ambition into real experiences, innovation and cultural change.



Strategy is the game plan for a better future.


Creating growth opportunities through human centred strategies and brand definition.


  • Purpose development

  • Brand definition and narrative 

  • Lean business model design

  • Value proposition design

  • Brand portfolio optimisation

  • Human centred marketing transformation

  • Problem-to-solution sprints

  • Insight-to-action workshops


A brand is what a
brand does.

Turning game plans into meaningful experiences for customers
and employees.


  • Branded customer experience playbooks

  • Product and service experience mapping

  • Brand innovation design

  • Communication strategy

  • Employee experience and engagement

  • Transforming brand behaviour


Culture eats strategy
for breakfast. 

Defining the right environment and cultural traits to give your
strategy traction.


  • Strategy and culture mapping

  • Human operating system design

  • Bespoke rituals and methodology design

  • Meeting and process productivity hacking

  • Collaboration mindfulness and mindset training


If you want creativity, give people enough time to play.

Facilitating groups to go beyond their imagination through creative collaboration. 

  • Creative workshops to solve strategy, vision, values, ideas or team challenges

  • Online and offline facilitation

  • Creativity bootcamps

  • Design & systems thinking workshops

  • Creative facilitation for management and team events 

I believe in systems thinking, which means the best solutions and real change come from holistic understanding and problem solving.


Being part of expert networks, I team up with the right people to solve complex challenges.


For more than 15 years I have been working at the intersection of brand and customer experience, innovation and culture. 

In my most recent role, I was Head of Human Centred Marketing at Deutsche Bank, where I was responsible for building up a Human Centred Design Team - with the goal of supporting the organisation in its transformation into a truly brand and customer centric company.


Before joining Deutsche Bank, I spent five years as Regional Director and Head of Strategy at Superunion in Germany - one of the most creative international brand consulting firms, with clients such as Vodafone, Airbus, Aston Martin, BBC, Arte, Deloitte, Edding and Fritz Kola. 

Prior to that, I worked at o2/Telefónica in Germany, where I was responsible for brand and communication strategy. 

Check out my full work experience here.

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 Not only have you made Marketing more human-centred, but you have set out with us to give us a future as people, as employees and as a brand. You have created growth in us and
for us. 

Deutsche Bank

What others say about me.

 Bastian is not only highly experienced in branding and brand strategy he is also a design thinker and future oriented professional. His social skills, team leading competence and calm but distinctive managing style is impressive.

CEO Germany,

Some brands I have worked with.


Brand Architecture, Portfolio Optimisation, Brand Positioning, Narrative and Personality, Employee Engagement, Naming, Brand Experience, Creative Facilitation


Naming development

BMW Group

Brand Innovation, Positioning and Narrative for new business model


Brand Architecture, Brand Positioning, Communication Strategy, Naming Strategy, Brand Innovation, Brand Experience, Brand Management, Personas, Employee Engagement, Workshop Facilitation


Brand Strategy and Positioning, Persona, Value Proposition, Digital Brand Experience, Creative Facilitation

Gold - Best Brand Awards

Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze - Midas Awards


Brand Positioning, Brand Activation, Brand Experience, Employee Engagement, Testimonial Strategy, Creative Facilitation

Deutsche Bank

Marketing Transformation, Customer Centricity and Experience, Brand Strategy, Personas, Organisation and Culture Design, Creative Facilitation


Customer Segmentation

Repositioning, Brand Experience, Value Proposition, Internal Engagement, Creative Facilitation

Silver - ADC Award

Winner - WPPed Cream

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